5 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem in 2023

Self Esteem can best be defined as how one perceive himself, his opinion about his life , his abilities and his overall view about himself. 

Self Esteem is divided into two; Low Self Esteem and High Self Esteem. Low self Esteem is a situation where someone has a negative, underrating view about his/her life. 

5 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem in 2023

This could be as a result of one's physical look or negative remarks on one's life by Parents, Teachers, Friends, Spouses, Boss at work etc. One or all this, combined together can lead to low self esteem  which makes life not worth living to some individuals. Low Self Esteem is destructive, it weakens the mind and paralyses one’s positive reasoning. 

High Self Esteem is a situation whereby you have the opposite of low Self Esteem. You have positive view about yourself, your Abilities, your Physique etc. 

Having a high self esteem increases one's productivity, increases Self Belief and values for one’s life. Successful people in our world today, no doubt  ,are people that have High Self Esteem.

My goal in this article is to give you Five(5) proven and Tested way to completely be free from the destructive low Self Esteem and burst into a life of High Self Esteem. 

Self Evaluation and  Acceptance

This is the first step in boosting your Self Esteem. Self Acceptance is accepting one’s God given look, skills, and abilities and seeking to develop them. Its believing in one’s uniqueness, having the mindset of being special and unique in the way you were created.

 Every one created by God is unique, different and special. We have different looks and abilities, different background and come from different homes. You may perceive yourself as ugly, short, unintelligent, not smart or even poor, but all these are as a result of lack of self acceptances which makes you to compare yourself to others and then you begin to see every thing that doesn’t measure up. 

You create a false standard of beauty which make you consider yourself ugly, you judge your intelligence by comparing yourself to others you thoughts are doing better than you. In all this you forgot to look at your strengths , your beauty and your own intelligence that is before you.

The first step in achieving Self Esteem is to do self evaluation of your strengths and your weakness, being proud of your strengths, while accepting your weakness and working on it. If you evaluate yourself and you discover your strengths, your Self Esteem will boost as you focus your attention on maximizing your Strengths.

Seek For Knowledge and Skills

Social acceptance and respect an individual commands in his environment or place of work undoubtedly boost his/her self esteem. But this is not achieved on a platter of gold. Investment in knowledge and skills can make one to rise to such a high position of repute

 Everyone desires to be at the top, to be celebrated and respected but it comes by being exceptional in our knowledge and skills. Society respect those with knowledge and skills that solves problem.  Individuals with such skills and knowledge enjoy people’s praises and validation, it boost their self image, and confidence.  

So if you desire to boost your self esteem , start building your knowledge and skills, and be exceptional in your field. You will be satisfied at the end and walk with your shoulders High.

Overlook Negative Remarks

No matter who you are or what you do, you can’t control how people perceive you or your actions. 

Some people can choose to see negativity in everything you do and even making derogatory remarks about your personality. You should not focus on that, rather your focus should be on improving yourself. See every criticism, whether destructive or constructive as an avenue to be a better person. Believing or swallowing their demeaning words about you will make you to loose enthusiasm about your work or life. 

Use every stone of criticism thrown at you to build yourself higher,in that way you regain your self esteem.

 Negative remarks can’t be avoided in most cases because it could come from people we can’t avoid. Some come from parents to their children, wife to husband and vice versa, employer to employee, Teacher to students etc.

 That is why its important to learn how to overlook such remarks and build yourself to regain your self esteem. 

Read Books on Self Esteem

As part of mind building towards self esteem, the role of self development book can not be over emphasized. Self development books teaches in depth psychology of self esteem. By reading such books, you will be exposed to so many things you have been doing wrong, or you need to do to boost your self confidence. 

We learn many things from great people through books. Books are ways in which the Great Men and Women pours out their mind for our learning.

we read their minds through their books to be like them In knowledge. Reading books on self esteem boost self esteem easily. Examples of such books are ; Six pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden, Overcoming Low Self Esteem by Melanie Fennel. You can get any of them online or at a book shop. 

Build your physique

If you are not happy or proud of your natural body and it makes you think you’re inferior, then start a body building journey. 

You can hit the gym and develop yourself. Exercise have proven to help boost self esteem in both Men and Women. 

Exercise helps to trigger some “feel good” hormones. It makes us feel fulfilled and energetic, helps fight depression and removing negativities. The benefits of exercise can not be over emphasized. Its crucial in building self confidence. 

So the next time you feel you are getting out of shape, or start viewing yourself negatively, hit the gym and bounce back to shape. 

You will discover that, you start falling in love with your body. In this way you become self confident because you’re fit.  

I believe with this five proven strategies discussed above, you will be able to kick start your journey to developing High Self Esteem. They are simple, and effective when applied. 



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