5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure In 2024


5 simple methods to overcome fear of failure


According to Paulo Coelho, he said and I quote “ The secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times”.

Failure is a brutal and unpleasant reality , yet an inevitable part of success. They are hardly any success without failure. Most of the world most outstanding inventions are product of trial and error until their inventors finally succeed. Failure, despite it necessity for success is one of the most dreadful thing to face. Fear of failure is being afraid of a negative outcome in an endeavor which makes one reluctant to carry out or execute his/her plan. Fear of failure has killed many ideas and paralyze the mind for success.

There is no success without failure ,just like you won’t value joy when there is no sorrow, light when there is no darkness,  so any man who desires success must be ready to face obstacles which precipitate failure. Your ability to walk over obstacle and turn it to a stepping stone is what leads to success.  To  be afraid of failing means you will not even start in the first place. Failing in anything has the potential to discourage someone, but real failure is when you live your life in "atychyphobia" ( fear of failure). In such situation, you will not even initiate any meaningful project because you already believe it will fail. It is retrogressive to live in fear of failure, you will not make any life progress.

In this article, we shall be discussing five simple methods to help you overcome fear of failure and dare to succeed.

1. Reframe your Mindset

You are scared of failure because you believe when you fail, that it’s the end of the road for you. But failure is a part of the learning process. See failure as an opportunity to grow and learn. What we call failure could better be termed as “wrong way of doing a particular thing”. With each failure, you discover another wrong approach or ideas that doesn’t work, then you move on  to try more till you find the right idea or approach.

 One of the famous man in history who redefined failure is Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb. He failed nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine times until the last trial , the ten thousandth time, became a success. When asked why he persevered and never gave up, he said “ I find nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine times of doing it wrongly, and I was determined to find the right way” . He didn’t see his failure as failure, rather a direction not to try the same method again. He persevered and succeed. He turned his failures to stepping stones that facilitate his findings of the right way. Its all about the mindset. Reframe your mindset, have a mental overhaul of fear of failure and start seeing failure as a means to success.

2. Set Realistic Expectation

Have a realistic expectations about anything you are doing, and remind yourself that , mistakes are bound to occur. The most trusted process can still fail, anything can happen, so having both expectations of failure and success is important as any outcome won’t come as a shock to you.

 Being realistic does not mean one should expect failure to occur or being pessimistic, that’s a negative mindset. But being realistic is more of being optimistic , yet believing that so long as it’s a human process, mistake is not completely out of it, it may happen and it may not. That’s being realistic.

3. Learn From Your Mistake

One of the harshest but the best way to learn is through our own experience. When you encounter failure, the first thing to learn is that, you just took a wrong step or decision and you should never repeat it again.

 Failure are signals that you just took a wrong step, the effect could be devastating and discouraging, yet there lies the lesson for future wins. Instead of beating yourself because you fail, seat down and take corrections, learn your lessons and move on. One of the good things about success is that, when it happens, you will forget times of failure and how you were struggling to succeed, you will be lost in the euphoria of success.

4. Practice Positive Affirmation

Be positive about yourself whenever you encounter failure. Its normal to blame yourself for taking a wrong step despite all the signals but then, the deed has been done. Be positive about yourself and affirm it to your subconscious mind that you are not a failure but a success in the making.

Your mood or feeling after each failure would determine how fast you will overcome it. Dwelling on the negative side will rub you off the lesson to learn, discourages you from trying out things in the future. Negative self talk is what will make you to fail the more because you would lose your zeal to pursue success. But rejecting negative thoughts and emphasizing on positivity would make you to take correction and hope for a better trial next time.

5. Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate your success no matter how small it might be and reward yourself. The exhilarating feeling that comes with success serves as an  encouragement to pursue it at all cost and never to be afraid of failure, for there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You diminish your fear of failure by amplifying your zeal for success. Self reward is away to keep yourself motivated and be positive  about pursuing success. The desire to reward yourself pushes you not to settle for less.


Fear of failure is not inborn, it’s acquired through series of failures encountered in one’s life. The good news is that it can be overcome by following the key points stated above. Fear in itself is a negative emotion, it is believing more in negativity than positivity, but by self affirmation, realistic expectation, a change of mindset and gratitude to oneself after each success would help you get rid of your fear of failure. Ensure you follow the stated points above and you are sure of victory.  




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