How to Put Your Ideas into Action by Anu Adeyemi

How to Put Your Ideas into Action by Anu Adeyemi

An idea is a thought that when put into action is capable of changing you and others positively or negatively, and the fact that an idea has bene thought of, means you have the capacity and resources to do it. It is available for you. It has your name on it so DO! Never say it's just a mirage, or I'm hallucinating or it's a flash and all the excuses we give ourselves.

Ever saw someone do something and said to yourself “oh, I thought of that”. This shows that ideas are universal and when it comes to you it is a privilege. As much as ideas fly around; when it comes to you then God trusts you enough to execute it. Don’t waste God’s trust in you. Always act. 

There are several ways ideas come to us, these various ways are;

Through prayers and meditation

You will know this is an idea you should work on when it keeps popping up in your mind for days, weeks and even months. There's an urgency in your heart and that ideas is solving a problem, and that is only if you pray, read the word and meditate.

Ideas can come through discussions with friends and people.

It is important that we have valuable friends and the right people in our corner. Have friends that edify you, friends that give you valuable ideas. 

Ideas can also come from Coaches, Mentors, Mentees, Books, and Podcasts. 

We are what we consume, what we see, who we give our ear time to, what we read. We have to be careful of what we take in, because it ultimately shows out after some time. 

The reason why we don’t act is because of fear and doubt. In order to become great and put our ideas to work, we need to fling fear and doubt out the window. Again, we aren’t defined by people, hence we should not seek validation from others. We have our uniqueness and we are called to serve different people. Some people's destinies and lives are tied to all of the ideas you have. Another thing that stops us is procrastination and laziness. The best time to do what you want to do is NOW and not later, procrastination and laziness only causes self-sabotage.  

In order to get our ideas to work, here are some of the things we can begin;

1. Connect to a source and write it down. 

There is power in writing the vision and making it plain. Do not leave it just in your mind. The mind is not a trustworthy place to keep gems. You will forget. As you write; there's is a force to help you connect and make it a reality.

2. Talk to a trusted Person

You won't do it alone, hence, the importance of having supportive and visionary people in your corner.

3. Research

Look for people who has done it. Don’t look for people who failed at it. Do your findings and model successful people. You will learn and it will make it less stressful.

4. Have an accountability Partner

To be consistent; you will need a coach, mentor, a partner that will be in your nose about execution.

Believe in God and yourself. The reason you haven't executed that idea is not because of money or whatever form of resources. You are the excuse. Resources will be made available if only you move. God didn't come down to provide the resources Noah used to build the Ark. He gave him the ideas and exact measurements for the ark but not the materials. He had to work on it. Get people. The resources you need are with people and in you


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