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A Workspace should be your personal space. It is a space you can be glad to look at and call yours. A workspace doesn't necessarily have to be a really big space like those in offices. It could just be one that you can easily craft out from a corner in your room. But it's distinct because you're giving it that title "workspace". We understand how Humans are psychological beings and deciding to give a space a tag has a lot to do with what you do in the space. A workspace would be where you would like to express yourself via what you do. A space where you would like to do a lot of critical thinking and most mental work if there's a conducive atmosphere enough for that.

In order to create an inspirational workplace, you have to define your inspiration, and by doing, so have to;

  • know what works for you
  • know what motivates you
  • know the things that put you at your best creative thinking and allows you flex your thinking ability.

Inspiration also has to do with the way in which you choose to arrange your space and the colors with which you decide to decorate it with. Colors, though many don’t see this, are very powerful. Different people attach different meanings to the colors we have. Let’s imagine that Mr. A loves white so much and the color inspires him and heighten his productivity level, it will only be common sense that Mr. A paints his works space with that particular color. 

Having talked about color preference, let us talk about arrangements. This can be seen in steps, but the first we are looking into is DECLUTTERING. 

Decluttering is one of the most important things to do for productivity. Decluttering is way deeper than clearing your table, or your wardrobe and other related spaces. When you declutter, you realize that particular space feels more homely and welcoming. It's a space you would naturally love to be in because it's now neater and better organized for productivity.

Lighting is another important factor that speeds up productivity. Remember that disappointing feeling you get when you’re at the heart of your work and then suddenly there’s power interruption? It’s annoying and though sometimes not within our reach of control, regardless, lighting is still very important in creating an inspirational work place.

From research, lightings have been said to create a homely and welcome atmosphere. Just the way you would preference to choose a lightened room over a dark one, you have to be particular about lightings in your workspace. 

Another point under arrangement would be to motivate yourself visually. In your workspace, even when you feel tired, have visually appealing quotes or images that can jerk you back to work. Inspirational materials can range from quotes to pictures and even to some natural elements for those who get motivated by natural things. Another inspiring thing to do in your space among creating a visually appealing space is "post goals you have smashed". Let it be on the wall. Write it out all clearly and plainly. It would also motivate you to do more.

As much as we want to create a good and inspirational workspace, you must be able to block out all distractions. For example, if you have a particular material that distracts you, it will be wise to remove it. The only material allowed in your work space are only those that will motivate, inspire and increase your productivity. Be very intentional about what you bring to your space, own your space, and Make it look appealing to you. Make sure it arouses your creativity prowess mere looking at it.

Lastly, as much as possible reduce noise. I'm sure you wouldn't want to let the music from the other room interfere with your thinking waves. 


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