How to Overcome Demotivation


A lot of young folks in their workplace, businesses and personal life routine face the mountain of DEMOTIVATION.

DEMOTIVATION in psychology is any negative imagery or negative self-reflection that emphasizes why one cannot do well in a task and this discourages any attempt to perform it.

DEMOTIVATION is what keeps people away from a design plan and it is something everyone has to learn to be a MASTER of. Though it is not taught in schools, demotivation is a needed skill for every one of us.

DEMOTIVATION is a feeling. As such, a negative feeling that pushes you far away or aback from accomplishing your desired goal or plans or target.

Furthermore, DEMOTIVATION is a science, in the sense that it has a backup which springs up from the mind and makes you develop a negative feeling. Demotivation might be overlooked but it is troubling vice that we have to deal with. 

Don Sutton, a baseball player and a hall fame pitcher who spent of his entire career with the dodgers, has a reputation that one can both be impressed and, yet, not surprised by his accomplishments. Most people often acknowledge Don Sutton as a winner because he saw himself that way.

Study shows that Don Sutton had more losses than wins in his lifetime. Funny thing about being successful is that, the blogs, news and what have you will make one’s success story sound easy. However, one thing we can learn from Sutton’s story is that he owned his life at all times. When failure comes, he was ready to face it, but not with a failure attitude, rather, with a winning attitude.

The crystal clear truth we all have to tell ourselves is that there are some elements that are inevitable. It will always come no matter how much we fight it and these are things like failure, depression, lack, demotivation and more.

In as much as we have buttressed largely on the existence of demotivation, it is very paramount to know that overcoming demotivation is a science you have to learn and more than that, be ready to harness the responsibilities for a lifetime. Having said that, the following tips will always help to overcome demotivation. 

Break tasks into smaller chunks that leads up to the ultimate goal can help manage your thoughts about the process. Focusing on the individual tasks needed to complete a whole project can help to stay present and in the moment. In other words, breaking your big plan into smaller plots reduces how overwhelmingly huge the task might be.

Writing down each positive thing you experience throughout the day is amazing. Many people feel that writing down positive things can be handy when aiming to stay hopeful and/or when struggling emotionally. It serves as a reminder of special moments and this in itself is a motivating act.

Give yourself credit for the small things you do, be observant and notice the little things, praise yourself for each task completed. Practicing mindfulness can also help in focusing and appreciating every moment as well as the 'small' things you do such as getting out of bed or brushing your teeth in the morning. Each evening, try noting three small wins that you have achieved during the day, remembering that whatever you achieve, no matter how small, is always something to be proud of.

Have some 'me time'

Take time out to do more of what you love and enjoy. From sightseeing around your local city to spending time alone in a scenic park. Taking time out to look after yourself can be a great support for your mental health and may provide some inspiration.

Be gentle with yourself

Accept the current state of how you feel, acknowledge the feeling and look for ways to reach out for support if needed. Practicing self-care and being gentle with yourself can be a great help when experiencing lack of motivation.

Attend helpful events

Health and weight loss coach Stephanie Mansour says "do a self-esteem workshop or course." This can be done by reading self-development books, taking courses and attending events. These are tools that can be used to support your knowledge on mental health. Learning ways to improve your self-esteem or perhaps stay inspired may help when experiencing a lack of motivation.


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