Strategic Tips for Starting a Successful Venture

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

We've heard this saying a thousand times, we've probably even told it to people, urging them to take the bold step, that step of faith, urging them to start their journey.

When we want to start a new project, a lot of things run through our minds. For some of us, it's primarily fear and doubt, but for most of us, we have lots of questions. Will it work out? Will I be successful? How do I start? What do I do? This state of confusion(alongside our determination) will determine if we will follow through with our plans or not. Getting the right answers to our questions early sets us on the right path towards starting our project; it increases our positivity and reduces doubt. 

When we don't get answers to our questions, however, our doubt increases and we continue to question our ability so much that we set our plans on hold.

Yesterday, the 15th of November, our community met to learn from a business strategist, Gold Lawal, tips on starting a business venture. It was a really enlightening session that didn't just reach out to our inner entrepreneurs but also spoke to our personal lives.

Gold Lawal shared on purpose, strategy, mindset, mission and vision statements, the right questions to ask and lots more. She answered the scary questions we ask ourselves and taught about building a successful venture.You may not have a business plan in the offing but this class is one you should listen to because you can apply the tips shared in any project you're thinking of starting and in your day-to-day lives.


Listen to a recording here  



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