Staying Till the End with Online Courses


Learning has taken its place now online with the rate at which the world is going digital. Isn’t it relieving how you can get a master’s degree from the comfort of your home or get certified in any area of your interest from your bedroom? As amazing as this sounds, it can also pose a threat to us, in the sense that we are left alone and so we must discipline ourselves to pay full attention to what we learn and most importantly, stay through till the end.

With learning being at our finger tips, it is very tempting to want to be on every learning platform, most especially as everyone seems to be doing a lot of things online. In order to stay through with online courses, we have to ask ourselves the big “WHY” question. Why is taking that particular important to you? What do you hope to gain at the end of the course? After getting suitable answers to those aforementioned questions, you can then decide if you want to continue with the course or not. After much consideration about taking the course, the next thing to do if you intend to take the course is to set out a study plan for yourself as the particular curse will have a stipulated time to it. When taking an online course, do not commit to anything else at that set time. Let us take this scenario, if you have a physical class at 4pm, you wouldn’t go to the market at 4pm, so your commitment should be same as it were a physical class.

Getting tired from classes are very normal; whether physical or online and if that is the case, that will be the best time to reevaluate. Check if you have gotten what you intended to get from the course, and if that is so, you can terminate the course and if not, you can rest and pick a time you are well refreshed to continue. Also, learn to place reminders in notable places so as to not forget about the course. This can done by leveraging technology, set reminders using apps that enable you to do so.

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We all know that staying positive is a disposition that has tremendous benefits. It is imperative to stay positive while taking an online course and also, if practicing alongside wouldn’t put too much pressure on you, then you can do so also. 

Also, it is easy to get distracted because you are accessing that online course with the use of your data and so other un-important things might pop up at the set time which can aid in distractions, it will be wise to put off every app that might pose as a distraction at that particular time. Also, we should bear it in mind that finishing the course isn’t the end goal but learning from it. 

We should also endeavor to reward ourselves for attaining the goal for participating in that course. Rewarding ourselves is relative to each and every one of us, so just do that which makes you happy, relaxed and a more productive you.  


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