How to Make Money by Creating Content

Over the years, as an expert content creator, one of the misconceptions people have when it comes to content creation is that only those who can write are content creators, when in actual fact, everyone creates content. As long as you're on the online space, and you post either picture, video, article, or anything that passes information across to someone, you are a content creator.

Content basically means INFORMATION. The songs you listen to, the movies you watch, the books and this article, are all contents. 

Take for example, your teacher teaches you while in the class room, he is passing content, but what happens when he teaches you online? He is still your teacher right? So being in an online space doesn’t stop you from being a content creator. In other words, content creation is creation of information.
On a broader level, Content creation, is the creation or curation, editing, and publishing of information for a targeted audience.
Before we delve into the topic of this article, I want you to understand that making money is a function of buying and selling, and or providing service.
Making money by creating content is easily done, by channeling the content being created into a product. The very first thing to make money online is to convert whatever your content is into a DIGITAL PRODUCT.
Digital products are products that can be created, sold, and distributed digitally. This means that with digital products, shipping cost is not needed, delivery is not needed, a shop is not needed, and other stuff as regards selling physical product is not needed. You will create your product digitally, sell it digitally, and transfer it to the buyer digitally. Examples of digital products are;
⦁    E-books
⦁    Masterclasses
⦁    Audiobooks
⦁    Podcast series
⦁    Masterminds
⦁    Video courses
⦁    Coaching
⦁    Consulting
⦁    Subscription based emails. 

One of the easiest model to making money by creating content is by creating EBOOKS. E-books doesn’t necessarily have to be long. An e-book can be as short as ten pages. I have once bought a 40 paged e-book for five thousand naira and seen a 90 pages e-book sell at the rate of twenty thousand naira. You know what the interesting part of this is, is that you create the e-book once and keep getting money from it.

Creating an e-book is very simple, you just have to;
⦁    Decide what you want to write about.
⦁    Decide who your product is for.
⦁    Plan your e-book by outlining, mind dumping, and mind mapping.
⦁    Write and edit your content.
⦁    Design a book cover for your e-book.
⦁    Sell it to your audience.

To know more about this, kindly visit the link below.

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