Is Your Money Happy With You?

As Visionary men and women we want to create systems that will bring in the cash flow in order to execute projects passionate to us and that which God has laid in our hearts. However, the truth is that if you want money for “show off”, or because you want validation from others, chances are, you might never make the money.

Money isn’t human. It cannot think, feel, and doesn’t have a sense of its own. As such, money wouldn’t come lying next to you because you are good, kind, forgiving or even a Christian. It will only come where it is CALLED and stay where it is MANAGED. Money is very obedient you know; very cool something.

Your money being happy with you equates to you having a progressing/fulfilled financial life, and money is first and foremost and entity that occurs in the mind.

I want us to see our minds like a store room with lots of folders and files in different sections. If you are given a project to work on a presentation for a “100 duplex estate”, and your company has archives where they have different sources of completed projects. Now there’s one section with a folder named “Lekki 1000 capacity church project” and there is another one termed “75 duplex estate”. Which will you refer to in order to implement similar strategies in your current project? Definitely, we will pick the later project.

Here is a short story, I watched a movie yesterday where this lovely lady was constantly violent to her sweet partner. After tracing the problem, it was told that her father constantly abused her, her sister and mother physically, and eventually she had to stand up to him to protect them and it was on going till he passed. Because of this, she has had the need to defend herself from even with little or no provocation. That is the mind at work.

That said, I want to emphatically state that the mind imbibes what it is fed, and that includes word (ours and others), sights (ours and other), and experiences (ours and others). 

Our mind houses our thoughts, which leads to feelings, which leads actions and then result, and we most know that amongst other things, money is a RESULT, and such we must first deal with what is not seen in order to deal with what is seen, because it is what we do behind the stage that matters the most as this is what births the results we see on the stage.

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Thankfully, change is a constant thing in life, but it doesn’t just come to us, change comes to us with intentionality. Like the almighty formula, change also has its formula;

•    First and foremost be aware of any limiting mindset you have towards money, whether caused by you or another (might be parents/guardians/siblings/friends/society). This is done through introspecting. Sit and interrogate yourself and give honest answers.

•    Under the root of it all, because you cannot change the fruits without first changing the roots. When you know a problem, the next thing you’ll know is the solution.

•    Detach yourself from limiting money mindset, as well as the habits it fostered in you. Detach yourself from people who also have limiting mindset as regards money.

•    Reposition yourself in your new throne and do all it takes to be a legal Queen and King of money. RULE MONEY, DON’T LET IT RULE YOU.

Having a good mindset is sure a stepping stone to making your money happy and more comfortable to be around you. But in order for the money in your hands to call its associates (money as well; as we know, it never gets exhausted) to come stay with you, you will have to manage the one in your hands, as the saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected. Money seldom returns to where it had been or is currently being squandered.

Making our money happy with us so it can dutifully serve us is no rocket science. The easiest way to do this is to learn and discipline oneself to save and invest. There are six major savings I believe anyone serious about scaling their finances should have. These should be done monthly, it is only in consistency we see results. Short term consistency is better than long term intensity. Just save regardless of your earnings.

  • 10% tithing (I am an ardent believer of tithing)
  • 10% into savings that is kept for emergencies. (No matter how well put together you are, you cannot predict all of life’s outcome).
  • 10% into investments (this money should not be spent but invested into a worthy course).
  • 10% for personal development (books and courses, and sometimes hiring a coach in areas you want to become better in)
  • 10% for helping (you can name this charity account). PS, when the funds here are exhausted for the month, push forward all other charity case to the next month. Truth is, you cannot solve the whole problem in the world, no matter how you try. 
  • 10% for playing. (have fun, see a movie, get your nails done, buy that dress, just spoil yourself), remember the law of gravity, what goes up must come down, and I am sure that happens because of balance. Learn to balance things. All work and no play makes Jack dull. All play and no work, makes Jack valueless.

Also, another way to scale our finances higher is to invest and (or) engage in passive income as much as we can. Passive income is money earned on an investment, or work completed in the past, that continues to make money without any additional effort. Active income, on the other hand, is money earned in exchange for performing a service.

Do not get it wrong. Active income is very important, in fact, it is the first type of income earned before the passive income. Rich people invest part of their active income to create passive income, poor people are okay earning active income all their lives.

There are several ways of earning passive income, investing in real estate is one of them, as it is said, don’t wait to buy a property, buy a property and wait, so if you have the money, what are you waiting for? Also network marketing is a proven and sure passive income, if only you are ready to put in the work and commitment it requires from the onset.

Buying shares and stocks, and waiting for them to appreciate is another passive income but this requires you having lots of knowledge and experience in that area. If you are up for it anyways, DO YOUR THING. You might also need to hire a stock broker. Visit the link below to get more information

We are in an exponential decade and everything is increasing and becoming better by the day. Learn a high income skill that resonates with you. It could be digital marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, web design, graphics design, to mention but a few. 

Most importantly, search inwards. We all have talents, gifting that are embedded in us. Horn your craft and monetize them. 

I will like to wrap this up by sharing lessons I learnt from the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker and a video of Vice President, Living Faith Church, Worldwide, Bishop David Abioye where he said “Young people, take risks. Don’t take it easy. Do as much as you can. Be daring”. 

Like we said earlier, be rich in your mind and by so doing, you will always put in the work to develop yourself because the law of income states that your money can only grow to the extent that you do. Create your life and do not go about with the mentality that “life happens”. Play the money game to always win and if you fail, play again and again and again. Be committed to growing your finance, it is not a one day’s race, remember, little drops of water make an ocean. Always think big by focusing on opportunities and not obstacles. Do not resent other rich people, instead, admire them, model them and associate with them. Promote yourself (rich people aren’t shy), there’s actually no place for shy people in the world of today. Improve yourself on a daily basis so you’ll be bigger than challenges, they are bound to come. Be an excellent giver and receiver. Expand your horizons (you can actually eat your cake and have, as long as you eat on the right table). Manage your present finances. Endeavour to generate as much passive income as you can. Do not let fear stop you. Always learn. Always grow, but don’t forget to have fun while at it. Most importantly, walk around with a BILLIONAIRE MIND.


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