How to Reach People Who Inspire You

Firstly, who is a role model and what does this term represent to you? A role model is someone you look up to. They have passed through the phase you are in currently and they are in the phase you want to be in or the phase you wish to become. Often times, people mistake role models for mentors. Those are two different people. It's necessary that you have a working relationship with your mentor, but not necessary with role models. For clarity purpose, let us restate who a role models are. Role models are people you admire (maybe from a distance) and who have been through things happening in your present, or will happen in your future. Mentors are people who you deem wise enough to teach you values that will help you through your journey.

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When reaching out to a role model or a source of inspiration to you, the first thing on the list is;


Why do you want to reach out to this person? Many times, it's excitement. We see this person and admire them and we just want to tell them how awesome they are and everything. That's not wrong, but that's not right if you want something long term with that person. What I mean is, if you would want to get a good feedback from this person you admire and maybe become friends with them, going all out to tell them they are awesome might not be not so effect, because these people hear these things every day, especially those who are popular. Your reason for reaching out has to be concrete. One through which there's an exchange of value, and not just you receiving, because they are humans and also have needs. If you aren't solving a problem for them, you would most likely never get in their circle.


If you were that person, would you be interested in what you are presenting to the person? We have to set out to give value to the person so they will be interested in us.


What's the fastest and most respectable medium to reach these people? The proper manner of reaching people of such status (at least in Nigeria) is to visit them with a printed letter, a letter that is well arranged and signed. For some of these people, you would need to take them for lunch at a very fancy restaurant, and for some, an Instagram direct message will do. 

When reaching out to these people;

Always look and sound

Cut the crap and go straight to the point. 

Appeal to their humanity.





When conversing with these people, be wise, courteous and throw in a sense of humor. Wait to get to be their friends before asking about their welfare, and finally when you get the relationship, safeguard it, and respect their privacy. Also, don’t ask for too many favors, except it is your last option


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